“Suitable Swimwear”
The right fit is important to you, and to us.
If you are not sure which is the correct size for you, please call us on 1800 814 723 or international 61 2 6581 0511.

Seabird Swimwear was established in 1978, making ladies’ swimsuits and bikinis to sell ready-to-wear, and made to order. Since that time, we have fitted thousands of women with their swimwear and know they come in all different shapes and sizes. The patterns for our swimsuits reflect the nature of our customer’s bodies, and how they change over time, as well as the characteristics of the chlorine-resistant fabric from which they are now made.

Each style is developed with a certain body type or shape in mind, and so the bust or cup sizing is not always the same in each style. Each costume description outlines the cup or bust sizing that can fit into that style.

To choose the best fit in your costume from our range, you will need to know your cup size in our costumes, as well as your full bust measurement and your hip measurement. So you may need to take some measurements and check them with the charts below to obtain your size.

Please take all measurements with the tape parallel to the floor, around the body over your underwear or thin clothing, and held securely but not tightly.

  1. Take your full bust measurement, which is around the body at the fullest part of your bust-line.
  2. Take your under-bust measurement around your body, against your ribs, directly under your bust.

Where these two measurements cross in the bust size chart below is your bust cup size.

  1. Measure your hips, over your buttocks, in the same way, around the fullest part.

Click here to view the Seabird Swimwear Sizing Charts

Now that you have determined your body size and know your bust or cup fitting, you are ready to selecta swimsuit. From the descriptions of each style you will be able to tell if that style is suitable for your bust size.

This is a guideline only, and if you are still uncertain whether you should choose one size or another, we recommend that you contact us by email or by phone (1800 814 723, or international 61 2 6581 0511) if possible so that our competent and friendly staff can assist you.

We also have a small range of swimwear for men, and to accurately assess the size you need in our trunks, shorts or boardies range for men, please view the Seabird men’s swimwear sizing chart here (bottom of page).

Always try on your swimsuit when you first receive it, over your underpants please, to make sure it fits well.

If you find you have selected the incorrect size for your figure, you may return the swimsuit in its original condition for exchange for another size or refund. Please email first or phone our staff so they can help you with this process.